Sri Bashyam simplified Part II – ஸ்ரீ பாஷ்யம் எளிய தமிழ் உரை பாகம் II – 8 Vols SVS


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Sri Bashyam simplified in Tamil Books are the study materials prepared for our ( Sri Vaishnava Sri Distance education course on Sree Bashyam) Students. we are now offering the same as books for the convenience of those who cannot or do not want or for some reason unable to study Sri Bashyam as a course but still would like to learn Sri Bashyam as it is one of the commandments of Sri Ramanuja to be followed by every Sri Vaishnava before he attains Mukthi .

Sanskrit knowledge is Not a Must to read and understand these books .

Total number of books is 12

Part I consists of 4 books .

Part II consists of 8 books .

Even though we are only offering the books as books we would still forward the questionnnaires developed for our students just for the sake of kindling you , the reader’s retentivity of the said subject matter

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